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Warehouse s equipped with modern high pallet rack systems (Pal Rack) capacity of 8000 pallet places.

What distinguishes this center from the other and makes it a pioneer in this field are the capacities for:

  • Separate warehouse for ADR and other chemical goods - 2200 pallet places
  • he goods that require warehouse and keeping on regulated temperatures on 3200 pallet places with temperature regimes in the -25oC and +4oC (special chambers for frozen fish, frozen meat, dough or pastry, vegetables, fruits, fruit concentrates, as well as for fresh meat, cheeses ...).
  • Warehouse for alimentary goods with animal origin with temperature regime from 0C to +6 C, 1000 pallet places
  • Warehouse of alimentary goods with atmosphere temperature as well as the warehouse for technical goods of 1200 pallet places
  • Separate Warehouse for the storage of animal feed of 400 pallet places
  • Public Duty Warehouses (closed) as well as open Public Duty Warehouse for trailers and semi-trailers
  • Possibility of reexport of goods in the countries in the region...
Expedition is very clear and is determined by the company mission itself. We provide a maximal support to partners and optimize all processes in the chain of distribution in order to assist in the creation of competitive advantage in the market.
Transport is the basis of our company. The company provides services of goods transport in domestic as well as in international traffic from any part in Europe to the warehouse and the destination determined by our partners. We have tens of Volvo and Iveco trucks-coolers, as well as tens of CEMT licenses.
Office space is air-conditioned with the size of 1800m2. It is aimed for all ovur clients. All users of the space will have the restaurant services available.
Distribution is the youngest sector in our company. It covers every part in Serbia and the region. With our connections with numerous fleets, we enable the goods of our clients to be found to the final user in 24 hours.

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