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Our goal is to provide our partners to focus completely on their main field of work and let us transport-distribution, duty mediation-expedition, duty warehouse and warehouse logistics fully realized.

Our public duty warehouse with over 5000 pallet places with modern administrative systems BELWES that covers the needs of storage and complete freezing of  goods for the temperature regimes of the normal and the cold chain (2C-6C) to the deep-frozen (-25C), over the part for the storage of goods and alimentary goods and goods of animal origin to the chemical goods with the possibility of reexport and with full monitoring and all the standards (duty, HACCP, GxP, ISO, freezing of material is guaranteed) was for a short period of time well used.

Modern infrastructure and software system allow our customers free and unlimited access to all data related to the stretch and manipulations of goods. Also, additional functions enable remote maintenance and control of all data about the goods which is under duty supervision (the name of the owner of the goods, conveyor, the time when the goods arrived, the number of concise declaration, warehouse number, package code, product name ...)!

LTS also has open public duty warehouse of 2000m2 for the storage of vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers.


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