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Company Logistic Team Sekulić has clearly set its mission, which is to offer maximal support to partners and to optimize process in distribution chain, in order to help in creating competitive advance on the market. Therefore role of expedition service is very clear and determined by company's mission. Expedition service will take over all important processes that will leave our partners space to focus on sales or production.
Our team provides the services of expedition to all of our partners who store their goods in our logistic center. Thus our partners have a great advantage because with a phone call they finish the whole chain when importing their goods from the place of loading through the transport, duty-border, storage of goods through duty warehouse to distribution of it to the final customer via us with a phone call.
Contact us and be assured of our professional service, which confirms our slogan "A trusted partner - The right partner"

Our contact phones are: 011/3714-703, 4714-707, or directly via e-mail set up an account:
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